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Tomb Hunter Pro‏

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 Tomb Hunter Pro‏

This is a pleasant shooting match-up where you will play a beast tracker and battle different loathsome beasts and zombies in the antiquated burial place. You can encounter the various impacts of an assortment of mysterious guns in the game. What's more, the variety of pets and gear is additionally a component of the game. 

The game has both RPG and FPS components. Players need defeat beasts in the prison to pick up experience and gold mint pieces, gather treasures, purchase pets and weapons, ceaselessly improve their capacity, and inevitably become an incredible shooter. As the level develops, the ability is additionally the way to winning the fight, You have to change it as per the current level. 

RPG framework presentation: 

1. Types of gear: There are dress, boot, cap, accessories,s and different fortunes in the game. Supplies are the center interactivity and the reason for your test to the burial chamber. Types of gear are separated into 5 characteristics. They have various credits and impacts. It is difficult to acquire uncommon stuff. You have to get it by shooting beasts. PS: Boss has a higher likelihood of dropping brilliant quality hardware. 

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2. Weapon: including gun, assault rifle, and shotgun. Firearms are the fundamental gear of trackers. They have to burn-through the gold coins got by vanquishing beasts to get them from shippers. Weapons will haphazardly brush out various credits, and it takes some karma to get a decent firearm. PS: Every time you pass a level, the firearm shop will be consequently invigorated. The shotgun can fire beasts in gatherings, which is the most remarkable weapon in the game. 

3. Pet: including tiger, raptor, panther, wolf, and so forth Pets are acceptable accomplices for the tracker. Like firearms, they have to burn-through gold coins to purchase from vendors. PS: Pets will brush out arbitrary abilities, you can pick as per your inclinations. For tenderfoots, it is more appropriate to convey pets with mending aptitudes. Pets are acceptable tanks. They draw in the disdain brought about by the shooter when shooting a beast, ensure your safety, and make you simpler to shooting. Pets additionally give recuperating, speeding up, and noxious impacts. 

4. Ability: including speed, gold coin, assault, poison, and so forth Gifts are helper abilities for the tracker. You can change the dissemination of abilities as per the current circumstance. PS: It takes jewels to reset gifts. You can get it by opening the money box in the prison. Gold ability, experience ability, and toxic substance ability are more appropriate for the quick development of beginners. 

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