Earth Protect Squad Third Person Shooting Game

Earth Protect Squad Third Person Shooting Game

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Earth Protect Squad Third-Person Shooting Game

 This is the start of the attack. 

We don't have a clue where they originated from - from the deeps of the space, or from another measurement. All we know - they didn't accompany harmony. 

Enormous extraterrestrial spaceships just showed up on the Earth's circle. First, they obliterated all the significant army installations, at that point they began to look through something in different corners of the planet. 

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They utilized fight machines and peculiar freak animals to assault us. At that point it turned out to be more terrible - they began to transform our kin into their weapon. 

Earth Protect Squad is our last expectation. Little military association was made to confront the outsider danger. We have everything to battle - exceptionally prepared officers, parcel of current weapons, and the most recent advances, similar to fight bots and power fields in our arms stockpile. 

We have an arsenal lab to adjust our weapons and get a strategic favorable position - you can easily change your degree, or barrel connection, or even ammunition type before the mission. 

We have to discover what they are searching for. We have to figure out how to battle them and shield our homes.