Clean up your inbox with Cleanfox!

Clean up your inbox with Cleanfox!

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With Cleanfox, clearing out all the messages you don't need in your letterbox further has never been so natural! 

Cleanfox is a free enemy of spam device to dispose of pamphlets/spam/promoting messages with only a single tick. 

Over 2.9 million clients have been persuaded! 

"With Cleanfox, you can clean your inbox and the climate. What more might you be able to request?" - Androidpit 

"Cleanfox is a free application, which permits you to withdraw from all undesirable email memberships without any problem." - Robinhood 

With Cleanfox, cleaning out all the emails you don't want in your mailbox any more has never been so easy! Cleanfox is a free anti-spam tool to get rid of newsletters/spam/advertising emails with just one click.

"Cleanfox is an application that helps clients withdraw from pamphlets, and has so far "cleaned" more than 30 million messages" - 

Cleanfox withdraws you from all the messages you would prefer not to get anymore and empowers you to erase your old messages with a single tick 

Cleanfox permits you to show your pamphlets dependent on your pace of opening them and the number of messages got. At that point you can: 

• Unsubscribe; or 

• Keep your membership and the old messages; or 

• Stay bought in and erase the old messages. 

Cleanfox is accessible complimentary for all email administrations. 

How would I plant a tree with Cleanfox? 

Cleanfox has chosen to remunerate its most faithful clients by helping them focus on reforestation. For each new client you acquaint with Cleanfox, you can plant a tree in Zambia! 

How is Cleanfox useful for the climate? 

One email produces an outflow of 10g of CO2 every year and 200 million messages are sent each moment ⇒ 2,000 tons of CO2 are radiated each moment from messages! 

Tidying up your inbox is a simple method to lessen your carbon impression and be more gainful. 

How does Cleanfox bring in its cash? 

Cleanfox is free assistance distributed by Foxintelligence. Foxintelligence doesn't move any close to home information to outsiders and gets paid by creating anonymized measurements on online business patterns. Cleanfox conforms to the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).