Omega Legends

Omega Legends

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The depiction of Omega Legends

Omega Legends is set in reality as we know it where Heroes from around the globe fight in a virtual field for notoriety and greatness!

*Unique Heroes*

Saints with one of a kind capacities to suit each playstyle, equipped for accomplishing triumph in the correct hands.

*Realistic Weapons*

Browse an assortment of guns with the ideal harmony among authenticity and fun. Every gun has particular attributes to give novel shooting encounters.
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*Endless Customization*

Gather skin to modify your Heroes, Firearms, Drones, and Battle Flags. Blend and match however much you might want!

*Diverse Modes*

Regardless of whether you need to collaborate with companions or go solo, there are modes for you. It is safe to say that you are an ace strategist? At that point test your abilities in Covert Operation!