JINA: App Drawer, Sidebar & Folder Organizer

JINA: App Drawer, Sidebar & Folder Organizer

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JINA encourages you to oversee and discover the applications introduced on your telephone or your tablet, when you need them and in the manner in which you like.

Supplant the old App Drawer, exploit the keen AZ letter bar, make Dynamic Folders, Organize your applications consequently by labels, pick the Favorites you need to have readily available, utilize the Sidebar or the Drawer Everywhere ... you pick, JINA will adjust to your necessities.

Introduce it now and discover what JINA can enable you to do, you'll have loads of apparatuses accessible to compose applications and alternate ways like a professional, simply choose which ones to utilize!
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Application Drawer

Utilize the principal letter of the application name with the savvy A-Z letter bar or utilize the keypad (additionally T9) to look for words inside the complete name or inside the nom de plumes that you can characterize.

Imprint the most loved applications to keep at the highest priority on the rundown.

Exploit the App Organizer with the programmed classes or characterize your own labels to channel applications.

Sort the rundowns by use recurrence, by date of establishment, update or uninstall, by name, size or physically.

Shroud undesirable applications, rename those with bizarre names or characterize your own nom de plumes to discover them all the more effectively utilizing the keypad.

There are unlimited prospects, you choose every now and then which is the most advantageous. No compelling reason to change the launcher, JINA will supplant the stock App Drawer leaving your Home screen flawless.

Obviously, you can pick between shading topics and apply a symbol pack, appearance is significant as well!

Sidebar and Drawer Everywhere

You are not, at this point compelled to press the Home button...unless you truly need it.

JINA can show applications and Folders inside a Sidebar, over some other application you are utilizing.

Drag the hotspots to the sides of the screen, pick the shape and shading and appreciate: simply slide your finger from any screen, and your applications will show up, fit to be propelled.

You can utilize two Sidebars simultaneously: one is for the Favorites Apps and Folders, the other Sidebar is a full Side Launcher with all the inquiry and characterization capacities of the App Drawer.

Utilize the Drawer Everywhere hotspot to open the App Drawer swiping your finger upward, as in stock launchers, however, now you can do it from any screen, not simply from the home.

Application Organizer

JINA breaks down and naturally arranges your applications utilizing various criteria and in different classifications. You can generally characterize your own marks or labels and use them, either to channel applications or to make Live Folders that update consequently.

The App Organizer is the core of JINA: Folders, Categories, Labels, Tags and all the hunt highlights, misuse the motor of the Organizer.

Envelopes Organizer and Live Folders

Use Folders to more readily compose your applications, you can include them any place you need: as a gadget on the home screen, in the Drawer or in the Sidebar of your most loved applications.

Make your own sub-envelopes or utilize the Live Folders, preset to assemble applications as per certain guidelines: each organizer can contain applications, other sub-envelopes or alternate ways eg. contacts, PDFs, web URLs and so forth.

Application Manager

You have unlimited authority over what is introduced on your gadget, JINA gives you an abundance of data about the individual applications: changelog, store posting, size, time of utilization, the elective section focuses and so forth.

You can get to framework data on applications and you can stop them with a tap.

You can spare your notes, send out the apks and offer them, trade the symbols, uninstall various applications simultaneously (on the off chance that you have root, even the pre-stacked applications to let loose space).

There's much more yet the best thing is to find the capacities a little at once. Introduce JINA now and in a brief timeframe, you'll understand you can not manage without it any longer.

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