youtube vanced app

youtube vanced app

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A YouTube client offers you some additional features

YouTube Vanced is a YouTube client, and it allows you to use this popular video platform for streaming videos with some additional features. Note that these additional features do not include the ability to download videos.
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The important thing about YouTube Vanced app is that it allows you to listen to your videos while they are playing in the background, even when you turn off your screen. This way, you will be able to listen to music easily and even use YouTube to listen to the podcast anytime you want.

YouTube Vanced also offers you another feature no less important than its predecessors, which allows you to block all ads that contain videos. Of course, you will be able to enable this option and disable it whenever you want, knowing that it comes automatically enabled.

YouTube Vanced is an alternative client for YouTube, and it allows you to listen to your videos while playing in the background, block ads, enhance image quality, use the 'repeat video' feature and others. It allows you to do all of this with an interface that is identical to the one you have drawn with the original application.