ukulele tuner

ukulele tuner

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Exact, responsive and clear chromatic Ukulele tuner for apprentices or propelled players. Calibrate your Uke in seconds because your portable's worked in the receiver. Tuning your Uke has never been so natural!

_1 Ukulele Tuner App, 100% perfect with a Ukulele: Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone, and Bass.
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FREE Version: 

- 7 diverse famous sorts of tunings

- Easy-to-utilize interface,

- Sleek and precise presentation,

- Fast and solid tuning,

- Prevent screen lock while tuning,

- Inactive Shut-Down battery sparing,

Master adaptation: 

- without hands mode let the tuner auto-distinguish the strings you're attempting to tune,

- sans ads