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A1 Apps Store Market

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The Description: Of A1 Apps Store Market
Are you looking for a great new way to discover the best android apps? Then this app is the right choice for you. It's the best apps market for android containing more than a million apps.

This app is a great alternative to other apps stores. While most other apps just redirect or link to store, A1 Apps Store Market provides you with top charts and an app-only search to help you discover apps in a new way.

Here's what A1 Apps Store Market can do for you: -
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Top Charts
Find the top apps in all apps (not games) categories. Just select the category you are interested in and discover top apps in that category. You will be able to see information about reviews, downloads, and ratings of the app. You can also filter to see PAID or FREE apps in the results. You can also see top trending grossing and top new free and paid apps as well.

Category Charts
Discover the best apps for each category. Like top charts, you can see top free paid trending grossing apps for that category. All categories like Shopping, News, Maps, Social, Entertainment, Finance, Health, etc are included.

Search Apps Store (App only search without games)
Do you wish for apps only search which does not include games in your results? Just enter your search keywords and click on the search button to find the most relevant apps for your keywords. Click on the app for more details about the app like description, screenshots, last updated, size, and other information. You can also filter apps based on minimum ratings/reviews/downloads.

Filter Apps
Filter games based on the number of downloads, review rating, number of reviews, in-app purchases. For search, you can also search based on popularity or relevancy.

Our app has been optimized for speed. It's fast to browse apps and search apps with a clean simple interface. And it's free to download. It's the best free apps store for android.

Once you find an app you are interested in you can click on it to go to the store to download it. You cannot install or download directly through this app.

If you are looking for games only android apps store check out our other app by name Games Store App Market.

More features coming soon. If you like our app and want to support the development of new features don't forget to rate our app!

The apps market is updated every week. So don't forget to check out the new free, paid, trending, grossing apps for the current week.

If you like this store market then don't forget to share it with your friends. You can easily share it with your friends from inside the store app.