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Train Conductor World

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The Description: Of  Train Conductor World
Master and manage the clutter of international rail traffic as the ultimate railroad tycoon. Build the rail network of your dreams. Place the bars and solve the rail puzzle with branching and fork roads at every turn. Choose your way and become the richest railroad manager!
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Enter the driver's seat and take passengers to their destinations, drop them at stations, and transport goods to ports and factories. You can control, make and organize trains across tunnels, around obstacles, and on the mountains in this exciting fast-paced video game. Connect your high-speed trains on a fast train at breakneck speed. Try to avoid a breakdown, but I bet you can't. You'll need a snappy strategy to master the chaos! Be on high alert for explosive accidents, mistakes close to situations and split in a second

Ring the bell and knock your horn while playing in all types of weather, including rain, clouds, fog, thunderstorms, and lightning. Find lead trains, diesel trains, modern electric trains, and trams. Customize your trains and choose your favorite train transport method.

Everything is important when you are growing the largest railroad in the world.

Let the locomotives loose!