Time screen and parental control App by ZenScreen

Time screen and parental control App by ZenScreen

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The Description: Of Screen Time & Parental Control App by ZenScreen
Applications and devices are addictive. ZenScreen is a free app that helps you regain control by letting you track screen time and set reasonable rules to limit app and screen usage.
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ZenScreen works great for individuals as well as parents with children (Parental Controls).

ZenScreen learns from using your app, monitors unhealthy use, suggests rest periods, and intelligently restricts access to applications in the evening and early morning.
* FREE: Manage up to 5 devices for free - full functionality without restrictions

* Application Usage:
Learn about the applications that you or your children have used and for how long. Note: Application time tracking works automatically without having to upload screenshots daily.

* Time by category:
Find out how many minutes you spend each day on entertainment versus productivity apps. Find the perfect time balance that suits you.

* Smart morning:
Quickly check out your phone for 10 minutes in the morning, then get a 20-minute break automatically to start your day.

Quiet nights
Set a healthy bedtime schedule (for example, from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.) to shut down applications at bedtime, end video night marathons, or unlimited scrolling of social media. Good night rest improves health and happiness.

Zain separators:
Overcome social network addiction by taking suggested small breaks throughout the day.

* Daily time limit:
Set a digital allowance for entertainment apps (such as social media, videos, and games) and ZenScreen and your kids will help you stay within that limit (for example 90 minutes of entertainment time per day). ZenScreen enables kids to make smart choices.

* Application category customization:
Customize a category from any app to be productive (time limit), productive or ignored

Quiet time:
Make apps disappear with a single tap of a device-free dinner, family time, etc. Think of it as a mini tech break to help you reload your mind.

Why kids like ZenScreen (yes, really):
Respect for privacy: children see the exact same dashboard as you see. There is nothing to hide.
* Empowerment: Once the correct set of rules is agreed, children can manage their own use.
* Predictable: Let's face it, parents can be a little 'random' about screen time rules from day today. ZenScreen makes things completely clear and helps to avoid many fights and frustrations.

*** For best results, we encourage parents to talk to their kids about the top side of using ZenScreen.

3 easy steps to start parental control:
1. Install ZenScreen on your device and create an account. This acts as a remote control unit.
2. Install on Kid's devices and log in with the same account
3. Agree to screen rules with your children and enjoy !!!

Pricing information:
Manage up to 5 devices for free including all advanced features like Smart Mornings, Calm Nights and Zen Breaks, reduce activity and quiet time. You can subscribe for $ 4.99 per month or $ 3.99 per month (annual plan) for more than 5 devices. We will not charge fees automatically unless you sign up. There are no payment details required until you decide to upgrade.