Mobizen screen recorder

Mobizen screen recorder

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The Description: Of Mobizen
Now, let's make our first video really well!

Mobizen, the best screen recorder that the most famous video makers rely on. (Over 930,000 videos were created daily using Mobizen and posted online)
Mobizen enables you to record videos for games, applications, edit videos, and more to be the best video maker. It is completely free!
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Screen recording
- Record your best movements and moments in HD quality.

■ Arge your image with Facecam.
■ No root path required, running on Android 4.4 and higher.
■ Create videos in high quality (240p ~ 1080p)
■ Settings for all devices
Quality: 0.5 Mbps ~ 12.0 Mbps
Resolution: 240p ~ 1440p
- Frame / sec: 5fps ~ 60fps

Edit videos
- Perfect details for finalizing.

■ Add your MBG.
■ Keep only the best parts with TRIM.
■ Put an introduction and a conclusion with your signature (soon).
■ Editing options
- BGM, Intro-Finale, Cut, Split, Frame Extraction.

Share the videos
- Share videos with the world to see!

the society
- The best place to meet Mobizen users!

■ Give us 5 stars to make Mobizen even better.
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Share us
- We are looking for Mobizen users to add languages ​​to our apps!
■ Submit here:

The most common questions

■ What is "enhanced mode"?
- OS 4.4 users must activate the enhanced mode to perform the registration.
- Users should download the enhanced mode program to any computer and then connect the device with a USB cable.
* To download the enhanced style program:
* To find out more:
■ Why are there so many votes in my registration?
- We try our best to avoid this problem and hope to solve it soon!
- To find out more:

■ Why is my registration delay / not looking as it should?
This occurs when many programs are running simultaneously or when the quality is very high.
- Try to set the quality to 2.5 Mbps, the resolution to 480p, the FPS to 30fps, and close the watermark.

For questions and user comments, visit the Http: //support.mobizen.comMobizen screen recorder
※ To experience all the features of Mobizen Screen Recorder, you must agree to Storage, Camera, Mic, and Draw over Apps Permissions.