Livebox remotely

Livebox remotely

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The Description: Of  Livebox Remote
This is not the official Orange app.
It does not seem compatible with Orange in Poland.
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Try Livebox TV from your watch or phone. The Livebox remote is simple, complete and convenient.
The app finds Livebox TV on your Wi-Fi network. This can be done automatically when starting the app or manually from the settings screen.

If the scan doesn't work for any reason, you can enter the Livebox TV's IP address.
Your phone must be connected to Livebox Wi-Fi.
Your watch must be connected to your phone via Bluetooth if you want to use the wear application.
You can now control Livebox TV from anywhere in your home.

Tips: If the automatic search does not work, go to the Settings screen, click "SCAN" and then select your Livebox TV. If it doesn't appear in the list, try restarting your Livebox and try again.
If it's still not working, you can manually enter the IP address in the app settings. You will find it in your administrator interface, the My Network page, and the Connected Devices TV box icon.

Tips 2: If the commands are running but the app shows you a popup problem, please disable the "Contact Help" feature in the app settings.