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Description: Netflix 
The series and movies everyone talks about are on Netflix!

We offer award-winning series, documentaries, and documentaries. As a bonus, thanks to our mobile app, you can watch Netflix everywhere, while traveling, in transportation, or just during a break.

Netflix has everything:

• New movies and series are added weekly. Browse the catalog or find your favorite songs, and watch Netflix live broadcast on your device.
• The more Netflix you watch, the more recommended movies and series will be tailored to suit your tastes.
• Create up to five profiles on a Netflix account. It allows members of the same family to enjoy a personalized Netflix experience.
• Enjoy a safe space specially designed for children, with programs that attract all family members.
• Discover our series and movies with the harassers, and receive alerts on new episodes and news.
• Save your package data by downloading songs to your mobile device for offline viewing, wherever you are.

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