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download roblox

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Join a community of 6 million players every month and explore stunning worlds from 3D multiplayer games shooting games, RPG and MMO to interactive adventures where your friends build wooden mills or build spaceships. Welcome to the ultimate virtual universe backed by fantasy where anyone can create adventures, play games, play roles and learn with their friends.
Examples of the game
- Play paintballs with your friends
- Run the pizza shop
- Explore other galaxies
- Anti enemy aircraft
- Pirates battle
- Race opponents through obstacle courses
- Fight zombies
- Star in a fashion show
- Hang out with your friends in Virtual Club

- Massive multiplayer gaming platform
- Thousands of games to choose from
- Customizable characters
- Enable message and chat features
- Free to download, with in-app purchases

please note
Roblox is free to download and install. However, some game items can also be purchased with real money. A network connection is required to play and ROBLOX games work best over wifi.

do you have an account?
Log in to your current Roblox account and play on the go!

Frequently Asked Questions from ROBLOX.

1. Why can't I sign in to my account?

Reset your time and area. Check if your computer clock is currently accurate. Strange as it may seem, a little computer clock can lead to many problems.

2. General connection problems and what to do.

Connection problems:

ROBLOX is having trouble loading online games or fails to display them, sometimes the player displays an error message (can include "Unable to connect" or "ID = 17 failed" messages).

It takes a long time to load the screen on your website or never finish loading.

The player can visit games in build or edit mode, but not in play mode.

Games tell you random or static that they have closed.

what should I do?

Check your wireless connection

Reinstall ROBLOX.
Roblox 2.411.364317 update
To make Roblox work best for you, we regularly provide updates. These updates include bug fixes and speed and reliability improvements