Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG

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The description of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG! Classic MOBA 5v5 Game - Fair play - Decision skills !!!

The name is causing fever on all rankings of MOBA games worldwide - Now released by 360mobi (VNG) in Vietnam.

The opportunity to participate in local and international Esports tournaments has never been this easy. Download now Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG and let 360mobi take your reputation around the world !!!

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Team up quickly - in just 10 seconds, dramatic action, glorious fights. With the familiar 3-way map, jungle, keeping the skill-fighting road, breaking the turret, sneaking attack or perfect "hook", ... all the interesting things come out. now in this blockbuster

Join absolutely free, General Skin monumental diversity. Join your teammates to challenge millions of players around the world in the MOBA Esports 5v5. And enjoy great gameplay with superior tactical depth, precise responsiveness, ultimate graphics and the highest frame rates on mobile.

Salient features:
1. Map of 5v5 - 3 classic roads
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG always leads the trend with full features of a trendy esport game with 5vs5 fighting mode, and maps of normal, rank, custom room creation, etc.
The classic MOBA map is fully reproduced in 5v5 fighting mode between rivals around the world.
Majestic map, 4 forest areas, 18 defensive towers and 2 terrible monsters in the forest are waiting for you !!!

2. Match very fast - Combat super has
The system finds matches in less than 10 seconds, matches flashes dramatically, dramatic results determine the fairest victory.
Combat super has - Avoiding, controlling the enemy, healing the teammates, ... - Choose immediately General Gladiator, Mage, Gunner, Strike or Support, ... to create a strong team Best and fight to become the MVP of the match!
Unite to fight with your friends to strategize and skill each individual skill to wipe out every tower, base on your way to glory!

3. Match global - International competition
Competing and challenging with players around the world is easy with the global matchmaking system - international competition.
Opportunity for the whole world to know your name!

4. Diverse Hero System - Epic skill
Crush opponents and win resounding victories on heroes with many different themes and styles: Create unforgettable matches as the main damage; Sudden attack as a threatening jungle; Absorb damage and protect teammates as captain of the front line ...
Possesses a great inventory of skills and epic skills - the new generals of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG are constantly being released and accompanied by you.

5. Fair play - Decision skills
Skills, teammates, and tactics - 3 key elements to ensure the fairest, absolute and true Esports victory!
The winner, the loser will be decided based on skills and only skills with absolute fairness. It is the process of training and accumulating experience that will help your skills take it to the next level!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang VNG promises to be the explosive product of 360mobi - the place that operates the legendary MOBA game empire, very popular as 3Q 360mobi, 3Q Cu Hanh ...

Wherever you are or anytime, pick up your phone and join the fiery fights, the most breathtaking action scenes and the most glorious victories waiting for you !!!

Your phone is craving the ultimate battle !!!
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